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I'm doing some house cleaning...American Rifleman back issues?

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Hi all,

I am doing a little house cleaning. I have bunches and bunches of American Rifleman "periodicals" that I am about to throw out.

Do any of you here remember anything of any importance article-wise that might be worth cutting and saving?

If so, what?


PS: I'll will be back later to start another thread.... I found an interesting picture in another periodical. I'll have to scan it in and post it here.

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I am just trying to eliminate clutter.

I haven't really poked around the NRA's website lately. Earlier this year when I went to renew my membership I asked about having the American Rifleman accessible over the web in say a .pdf format .

they said they were working on it.

Maybe they could make it easily searchable.

One of the things I liked about the magazine was that the section called "Dope Bag" where they reviewed guns seemed to be unbiased.

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