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what press does this powder measure go to?

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so a good friend of my dads passed away and i purchased a bunch of his reloading stuff to help his kids out

well this powder measure was in with everything i bought, but no press

any idea which one it goes to, and any way to convert it to be used with a 550?


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Looks like the old original 450, or the 500, which was set up as a turret type press. Not sure on converting it, but I don't think so. The linkage for the neck expander to work the slide isn't there.

I've been wrong before! :roflol:


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Confirmed, it is an old 450 powder measure. I have one from back in the day (bought my 450 in '83) and am looking at it right now. Cannot be upgraded to new powder measure as far as I can tell. The entire main casting would need to be replaced at least.

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I still use my 450 measure when I reload 41 and 44 mag. Maybe it is a fluke but it is more accurate than the other 5 550 style ones I own. Just make sure you have the right powder die, it takes the expander in the bottom and holds it with a set screw.

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