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Anyone using a 550b for loading .308?

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I deprime and re-size on a single stage.  I use my Franklin Trimmer if they need to be trimmed.

Then into the XL650 for loading.  My setup is simple

Universal decapping die in station 1, powder in station 2, station 3 is empty, station 4 is bullet seating die and station 5 is factory crimp die.  I haven't converted my MBF for rifle yet.

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I just do all of the steps in one pass on my 550. Never seen a need to do separate operations on a different press unless I'm trimming and de-crimping. 

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On 11/18/2009 at 3:09 PM, whiskeytango said:

I've started shooting F-class recently so I'm looking to crank out some .308 rounds in some sort of quantity. I load my .308 on a single stage at the moment and we all know what speed is like with that. My question- should I stick to the single stage route, or will I be able obtain the same "precision" with the 550. I'll resize and decap on the single stage, but I'd like to run my 550 like this-

Station 1- universal decapper to knock out the flash hole

Station 2- dump powder with either a dillon powder thrower or an RCBS, I haven't decided yet

Station 3- seat bullet

Station 4- ferry dust for better shooting

I'm not one for weighing every charge, uniforming primer pockets, and all the stuff that goes into benchrest load development. I'd rather spend my time shooting as opposed to preforming laborious tasks at the reloading bench. Once I can outshoot my gun/ammo combination, then I'll move on to more things to improve my load. Oh, and I'm shooting 155 grain Palma's (the older one's) with a Federal LR primer and 46grains of Varget.

Thanks guys.

Here's how I load for Service Rifle matches on an old Dillon 300. It would work on a 550 too. I clean and prime prior to running thru the press (no primer pin in re-size die).

1) Re-Size die - no primer pin

2) Powder die and BR-30

3) PW window die

4) Redding Seater

Easy with the window die.




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