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My Band Is The best In Denver


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To fill my non-shooting time lately - which is sadly growing more and more with my recent bouts of seizures and such... :angry2: I've gotten a little more serious about my my band - Dead Sea Armada - and we are up for Best Band in Denver and the first round is sort of a popularity contest online voting contest joke - There a a lot bands that have never played a live show in their life, but have like 10,000 myspace "fans" to help rig the voting.

Our music - hard rock/ metal - may not be your cup o tea, but I would appreciate you taking the time to vote for us on the local radio stations site - KBPI.com -

As far as I can tell you don't have to give them a real phone number or anything if you don't want to - but they haven't emailed anyone I know with spam or anything.

If you can help me out by voting and posting in this thread I'll pick someone and send them our bands t-shirt/stickers/cd - or a few if we have enough left after the show

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My nephews friends band is Saving Verona. Ever hear of them?

Yeah, They are doing pretty well around here. Run in a different circle and crowd than myself, but I am friends with some guys the have played a few shows with them.

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Posted below to bump, but thanks for the votes last time and here is an update...

We made it from the list of 300 to the top 15 and now are in the running for the top 6... you can check out a video of the last three bands this past week, including mine - Dead Sea Armada - and Vote for us again..

I ran some hidden anylitcs on the last post and this forum gave us a lot a votes and helped push us in the top, so thank you so much and If make it through this round I shouldn't have beg for votes again in another 2-3 weeks. :ph34r:


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