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Holy crap

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I recently bought a slightly used Infinity and yesterday I realized that the bo.mar sight was lose. When taking the sight off for inspection I found out that the base (dovetail) fit is pretty loose. Meaning when the set screw is backed out I can easily move the sight with my bare hands in the dovetail.

Is this how it is supposed to be??

I did a quick fix; some blue locktight in the dovetail and the setscrew and put the thing back on. I can’t move the sight any longer but the setscrew and the adjustment screw are all that holds it in place.

I am looking for more permanent solutions. I am thinking about contacting Infinity about this. It can’t be right?

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It isn't right but that is how they all are, STI's as well. Or, more precisely, in my opinion the dovetail should be snug but current industry practice is not to make the dovetail tight. You can put a shim in the dovetail to snug it up.

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