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Airsoft reload training


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I like to dry fire. My wife would sometimes laugh and look up from her book at the soft thump of my magazines hitting the carpet. I was moving around our bedroom (don't say you haven't done it) going from target to target that was taped to the walls, while I changed magazines in between them. Although I was really working the motor skills to do reloads I did not have any good feed back if I paused long enough on the target before I moved and did the mag change, especially if I was trying to push it. Well I started using airsoft and did not really know how to incorporate it because of the broken feed lip problem when you drop a mag (I have replaced a few of them). I thought I would share how I do reloading drills using the airsoft in my garage.

reloading drills for airsoft

I think it fair to explain what benefit I think I get that is more than dry fire. When I react to the beep, I have to keep the sight there while I pull the trigger, or I start the mag change too early and pull the shot just off the target (which I have done in uspsa matches). I time the drills so I get objective feedback like, that was .35 sec slower than good runs. I get to then subjectively say one or more of the following, I was slow with my reaction, I fumbled the reload, did not get a good return to target grip, I did not get a sight picture and had to take a second shot. Frankly, with dry fire I could only rely on subjective feelings and could never tell the difference or knew if this or that reload was .10 faster or slower. I think the closest I got to that in dry fire was using a par timer. Even then it was a judgement call on whether I really could have got the shot off when I returned to the target.

Trying to be creative and also trying to get better. I have heard a few people say they don't reload train with airsoft. I think it can work and here is how I am doing it. Oh, when the kids go to bed, the mags still find there way to the carpet floor along with a few giggles from the audience.

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Looks good, but why arent you doing draws from the holster too?

I do but this was just a reload drill. A good friend and I talked about this recently at the range (we were doing draws and reloads). I wanted to break it down and just do the reload. I wanted to start feeling the subtle differences in my reload and how that affects my time. How I am training now, I am seperating alot of the core skills in addition to combining them. When I have done the draw, one shot, reload, one shot (even in dry fire), that is one more thing happening in a very short amount of time. At my skill now I cannot recognize the +- .10, was it in the draw or reload? If I want to just see that seperate skill, it gets kind off lost in all that for multiple skill drills. I am kind of doing alot of thinking about my training. I just made A class because of Area 1. I recognize areas of my shooting I could have done better. I think that is driving some of my training now.

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