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Keys to success - Mover


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Set the time for 5 seconds, you lose an extra second when trying to rotate to a moving target. Set up exactly like shooting a mover target, turn to the right or left, essentially waiting on a live target. Draw to a midpoint between the barricade and the target when the timer starts and swing to the target. That then forces you to be in line with the X before you get to the target, you will not be coming up the target as you draw, and this more accurately simulates how your sights will arrive at the target.

The less time will account for the fact that the target is not moving.

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Alan, been knowing DeadeyeGeorge and shooting in Lake Chuck (off and on) since the mid 90's. Gave him and Gary a hard time at Bianchi about not having matches June-July-August because it's "too hot"! My home range is the Liberty Gun Club in Miss. Shoot there with S Weathersby at least once a month. I'm sure our paths have crossed.

gm, good idea about reducing the time and rotating on the target. Always looking for ways to improve practice.

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