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I know this is covered randomly in a few different threads, but I thought it was worth starting a thread specifically about the different gas options available and what is required to use them.

I have a TM MEU 1911 on the way. All the specs say it can only use HFC134a.

What's the best source for this gas, and what would I have to do to use one of the other options I've seen available? (Green Gas, compressed air in a can, propane.)

Thanks from an airsoft newbie.

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I think that some things vary, depending on the manufacturer of the pistol and what gas the pistol was originally designed to use.

I have a WA that must be modified before propane, or any of the higher pressure gasses are used, or the slide will soon fail. The modification reduces the amount of gas sent to cycle the slide to keep the slide velocity within reasonable limits. Once converted to Propane the gun might not cycle well with the lower pressure gas, although some folks have had success with either gas.

If you use propane, or other gas not intended for an airsoft, you will need to add silicone to keep the seals from hardening. Most of the conversion kits spell out exactly what you need to do.

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