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Duane A Gardiner

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Duane "DAG" is my step father and my superhero there is nothing he couldent do well.half the time I disagreed with him and the other half loved him, shooting was something we could always do together through it all.Some of you will remember him shooting in Napannee,Warsaw,Fort Wayne Indiana and Niles Michigan, and several years at Second Chance.

Memorial service this Saturday at 4:00pm at Unity by the sea church 901 Brawner Parkway C.C., Tx

Outline/sketch of Duane’s Life

Duane Allan Gardiner – 12/12/27 – 6/17/09

Born December 12, 1927 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the second of four children, to Cloia J. Reno Gardiner and Tommy Gardiner.

Siblings: Billy Van (Dayton, OH), Montell (deceased), and Donna Kay (Yukon, OK).

As a youth, was an outstanding athlete as gymnast, high board diver, roller skate dancing.

Later, prize-winning bowler; graceful dancer; tennis player; snow and water skier; gunsmith & IPSC shooter; wreck diver extraordinaire.

Joined Merchant Marines at age 15, served in WW II. Had three ships shot out from under him on North Atlantic runs. A survivor! Used night watch times productively to meditate and contemplate his place in the universe.

Toured the United States with his older brother, Billy Van, on their Harleys after they returned from their tours of duty in WW II. Highlights were Zion National Park, The Petrified Forest, and Yellowstone.

Attended Oklahoma State University

Machinist for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft & Douglas Aircraft

Restaurant owner.

Research & Development for filter companies -- many awards for innovative ideas

U.S. sales manager for filter company

Owner of DAGCO Radiator and Heater and DAGCO Prop Shop for 20 years in Syracuse, Indiana

Retired to Corpus Christi, Texas in 1994

Built an ultra light aircraft in two years in garage – flew it for 3 years – bounced it off the earth on three separate occasions and then parted out what was left.

SCUBA Dive master

Lifetime member of National Rifle Association

Member Masonic Lodge

Enthusiastic Honda Goldwing owner/rider. He had his last ride the day before his surgery in February.

He was an entrepreneur and a Renaissance Man.

Married Jeanne Hiatt Orr on August 14, 1971. They each brought one son into their marriage. Michael Allan Gardiner and Don L. “Rennie” Orr.

They have four grandchildren: Katherine and Thomas Gardiner, Corpus Christi; and Anna Frantz and Aaron Orr, Rochester, Indiana.

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