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Bianchi Cup results

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The results shown are only 1st day. I know BJ & Dave S. have both shot The Practical on Wed. and The Mover yesterday. They are slotted to shoot The Barricade and then go head to head on The Plates today.

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Why did I pick this day to stay at home and work??? Instead of going into Columbia, MO???

Call one of my employees late this afternoon. He says, "Why didn't you come in today, I thought we could go (few minutes up the road) and check out the Bianchi Cup?" :angry: "Now they have started the airshow and have been buzzing the office".

Put 20 miles on the bike through my hills instead. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

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Top place Aussie is ZELJKO CVETNIC and first revolver shoot. Not to bad I should say so my self and MARK ITZSTEIN got ninth using the shroud made by Matt in OZ

Congrats to all that did so well.

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GV has the final unoffical post for the Cup. If you haven't been to the NRA blog, go there. Almost up to the minute coverage of the Speed event. A Special Thank You to Tom Hughes and his NRA staff. What a great highlight for the Championship (NRA Blog).

One more quick note. We shouldn't forget to thank the ROs, volunteers and those who are never seen or heard. They are the ones, for nominal reimbursment, that are out on that white gravel for three/five days. Long days too, setting up, cleaning up and then they get to take it all down. I hope everyone who was able to attend thanked them.

Grant and Pawel deserve the credit for the timely posts on the GV website. Thank you.

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Bruce won the cup

TGO won metallic

Julie won the ladies

How about Doug Koenig?

Koenig - 2nd

Wow. I wonder who will be the first to ever come between Bruce and Doug. Seems like for years they just swap this thing back and forth. Although I believe Doug held on to it few years in a row. Anyway, It looks like the scores get tighter and tighter every year.

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Congrats to TEAM SECURE

Mark Itzstein (aka Pinshooter) 9th overall 1st Master Class

Karl Piper (aka Maui1911) 13th overall 5th International

Tiffany Piper (aka Mauisdaughter) 5th Woman, 4th Jr.

Sydney Surgi (missffl) 3rd Marksman

Theresa Surgi & Sydney Surgi 3rd Jr. Team

Congrats to all.

Helen Jevons and Grant Jevons were also wearing the SFP Logo and Helen won 2nd Ladies

Congrats to Vance Schmid who has been to the last 30 Bianchi Cups.


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