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Gun shop experts and their quotes

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On ‎2‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 9:05 AM, Crazy Scientist said:

Showing my son a Stock 2.

LGS Dood:

"yeah those CZ knock offs are getting real popular"

This one never gets old. By that logic all 1911 style pistols would be a Colt knock off.

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So I have to chime in here, one of my first posts. I was at my local Scheels (for anyone who doesn't know its similar to say a bass pro shop) in the firearms section. They have a display of new AR-15's of various manufacturers, and one is chambered .223 wylde. Salesman proceeds to tell the customer, " You don't want that one. We haven't even been able to find ammo for it yet. Its a proprietary cartridge." I had literally just finished building my 3-Gun rifle in .223 Wylde. Needless to say I was not impressed.

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The top 3 reasons why I don’t have what you’re looking for:


1. The government’s about to ban those. I can’t keep em in stock.

2. The governments buying up all the ammo cuz they’re about to declare martial law.

3. I don’t stock that (quality item) cuz this here (cheap crap you’ve never heard of) is better.


Translation to all three: I’m a lazy, jerk water dealer who can’t can’t get time of day from distributors.



Reason for absurd price on hacked-up old gun:

“That’s all factory-original. They only built a few of em that way & they’re scarce as hens teeth!”



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“Sorry no Nighthawk or Ed Brown here. Kimber and Sig make some of the finest 1911’s on the market tho”.

I had a counter guy REFUSE to sell me Wilson 1911 parts because they would not fit in either a Norinco or Kimber 1911.

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On 10/18/2018 at 10:33 AM, Modoc said:

I had a counter guy REFUSE to sell me Wilson 1911 parts because they would not fit in either a Norinco or Kimber 1911.

I had a counter guy insist that the laser grips that were on a SA Compact Operator (or whatever they call the officer sized one) would only fit that gun and could not fit any other officers sized 1911.  I got him to agree that if they did fit on the other gun in the display that he would deduct their value from the, already low, price of the Springfield.  One form 4473 later I was headed out the door with a great deal on a 1911 minus a set of laser grips, that I didn't want anyway, grinning as I looked over my really low dollar receipt.

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On 5/15/2012 at 5:47 AM, mgood said:


One thing I was told early on, and quickly saw the wisdom of this advice, was never let a customer handle a gun and ammo at the same time. When they want to see ammo, put the gun away. When they want to see a gun, put the ammo away.


A guy walked in the LGS, asked to look at a 1911, the clerk handed him the gun, he fondled the gun a little then reached in his pocket, pulled out a loaded mag and inserted it then robbed the store. (true story).



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Was in picking up some 7mm-08 ammo at the lgs when I was about 26-27.


Me: do you have any Winchester silvertip in 7-08?

(Counter guy goes to get a box)


Guy standing next to me:

You must be new to hunting.  That 7-08 is the new .243 , women and kid's gun.


Me: Really, I didn't know that.


Guy:. Yeah, after you decide if hunting is for you, you'll want to step up to a man's gun.


Me: yeah you're probably right.  What would you recommend?


Guy:. Well I shoot a 300 win mag.  Now that's a good dear gun.


Me: Wow! That sounds really big, you must shoot them a long ways away.


Guy: I've been known to knock em down at a hundred and fifty yards or so.


Me: Wow! I hope I can do that too some day.


Guy: Well you just have to practice and when you can keep all your shots inside a baseball at 100 yards you'll be ready.


Me: OK, thanks I'll keep practicing.


I thought it was best just to go along with it and not bring up that I had been deer hunting since I was 10, shooting the 7-08 for 7 or 8 years, most of my shots started at 150, and averaged 350 to 550 yards, and that I had shot a dear the last season at 800 yards.  With my women and kids gun.

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On 5/13/2018 at 7:59 AM, TexasG said:

The other one I hear a lot is "Doctors orders, no more 45 ACP"


While looking for 185 gr .45ACP ammo at Cabela's:


Me: Is 230 gr the only thing you stock for .45ACP?
Employee: Real men only shoot the heaviest loads. 'Sides your gun won't cycle properly with the lighter stuff.


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First time gin owner in a shop while I am waiting for my turn.


Guy:. I am looking for my first pistol.  I would like something good for carry and good for shooting at the range for fun.


Clerk:. Sir what you need is this HK USP in 45 (pulls out the massive war club) it is made of polymer so it is light and easy to carry, but still big enough to shoot comfortably.  It's German so it will always work, and you should never depend on anything other then 45 when your  life is in the line.

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Ok, a bit of thread drift here..... not from the LGS but at the gun club during deer season "Sight In Days" on the rifle range.  Club members are working as Range Officers and the range is open to the general public.  The RO's are making sure no one is handling weapons on the line when people go down range to change targets, they are loading and firing one round at a time, basically enforcing the range rules that are on a 8' tall sign at the firing line entrance.


We are quite busy as all twenty benches are full and there is a small wait to get on the firing line.  Guy comes up and he does not have a case, or a bag or anything that could possibly contain a rifle.  He has a Cabela's plastic bag in his hand.  He pays the $20 non-member fee, sits down at his assigned bench and motions me over.


"Can you sight this in for me?" and pulls a box containing a brand new Burris 3x9 scope out of the bag......  Confused, the next questions is "Well sir, where is your rifle?"  "Oh, I haven't bought one yet...".  He got a refund.


Later the same week, guy comes in while the line is hot, he uncases his AK-47 knock-off and there is still a 30 round magazine in it.  He is quickly informed that the magazine must be removed from the rifle and the bolt locked back.  He answers "Look man, it's NOT loaded" and places the rifle butt on the bench with his finger inside the trigger guard.  You know what happens next.  The rifle goes off, blowing a hole in the newly installed covered firing line roof.  His information was added to the "banned from the range" list and he was told to never return.  He complained to the Board of Directors about the "abuse" that he suffered at the rifle range.  The Board determined he had demonstrated that he was completely unsafe and banned him from not only the rifle range but from all the shooting venues on the property (pistol, trap, skeet, sporting clays and archery).


And no, he did not get a refund.





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