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Gun shop experts and their quotes


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Heard all of these yesterday at the same store.

"You can't find primers, bullets or powder anywhere, even on the internet"

"The government has mandated that primers only have a shelf life of one year starting next year"

"Close your eyes and naturally point a glock and you will shoot a hole in your ceiling"

Oh yeah. Shotgun primers were $55 a k.

I will never buy anything from the place as long as I live but it is free entertainment.

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6.5x55, why would you want a rifle chambered in that? They stopped making rifles in that caliber 50 years ago. It had a reputation for poor accuracy and if you managed to hit anything with it, you would have a pretty hard time tracking down your game.

This is the response I got when I asked if he could get a Sako chambered in 6.5x55.

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I once went into a small town gun shop, and asked if he had any ankle holsters for a S&W 642.

He answered me like this: "I have two sons; one's a FBI agent, and the other is a State Trooper, and no self-respecting law-enforcement officer would carry a 642. Get out of my shop.

All I could think to say in return was, "Thank God I'm not your son." :)

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While it didn't happen in a Gun Shop, it was in print that over 3 million shooters got to enjoy.

"Excessive dry firing of the 1911 can cause the firing pin stop to break in half, because the firing pin isn't cushioning the blow of the hammer unless you use snap caps". Now this was from a well respected writer in a "national" magazine that reaches over 3 million shooters.

If you haven't got the punch line yet, remember that the 1911 has a floating firing pin and it doesn't cushion ANYTHING. dry fire is just the same as real fire to a floating firing pin system.

Any gun shop anywhere...."the real world"! As a great shooter once said to someone who said 'in the real world"....."yea... you need to get out of the real world more often" (Eric Miller to a cool mall ninja)

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Said in a barber shop I was in, at 14, I'm now 47, and I still remember laughing out loud!

"You can shoot a guy in the arm with an M16 and it will kill him because the gun was designed to shoot a tumbling bullet. It turns end over end as it flies, that's why the army uses them. They're deadly."

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I was in a gun shop last year and an elderly couple was in there looking for a gun for home defense. Clerk immediately went to a rack and took down what looked to be the most expensive over/under shotgun in the store and proceeded to tell them that with this, they didn't even need to aim. I told the couple the clerk was an idiot and left.

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OK, I did just find something.

Wally world, teen at the gun counter. I jokingly (read sarcasticly) asked, "Where is all the ammo?"

He told me, "In June, the price of ammo is going up 500%"

I ask, "Where did you get this information"

Him, "From the guy who buys all the ammo on Sunday when it gets here. He must know, because he buys so much."

He was spreading this garbage to another customer. I told them both that that was ridiculous, and ........political stuff......

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