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Which Airsoft for Springfield 1911 Loaded?


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I bought a used KWA 1911. It is a GI model and has a metal slide and weighs...almost the same as real. The recoil is something I like. It isn't quite like the real thing but more than you would expect. Everyone trips when they shoot it the first time.

I hear Manny does em good.

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After quite a bit of research, I bought one of these: http://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-1229-tokyo...irsoft-gun.aspx

Tokyo Marui seems to have a pretty good reputation and mine has performed flawlessly for thousands of rounds.

I'm just a plate shooter, nothing fancy. I think that training with the airsoft has helped me quite a bit. I have a plate rack in my garage and am able to practice whenever I want regardless of weather. At our local club's plate shoot, I've gone from middle of the pack to a little higher up. The first matches of this year, I've come in 2nd twice (danged kids and their "fast moves") and first, once. I'm practicing at 7 yards with five, 5" foam "plates" (we shoot 6" plates at 7 yards at our shoot) and broke the 3.0 second barrier today (from draw.) It's a small thing compared to what most on this forum are able to do but, at almost age 62 with trifocals and arthritis, I'm tickled silly and having a lot of fun. We have a great bunch of guys in our plate club and I enjoy every minute shooting with them.


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