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03.18.09: New Competition Class Guidelines

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Beginning 04.01.09, a fee is now required to advertise a for-profit class in the Competition Class Forums.

There are 2 options:

  • $300/year: Advertise as many classes as you want.
  • $50 per individual class.

Individual class fees must be paid within 7 days of the class's completion date.

If you advertise a Class and do not remit the fee within 7 days of the class's completion date, you will not be permitted to advertise any more classes. (I will not PM to remind you.)

Paying yearly rates or individual class fees:

Individual or yearly fees can be remitted at my store's "Donate" page. NOTE: The PW to access that page is: "runtime"...  Donate Page

If you are just gauging interest for a possible for-profit class, you can do that n/c. But if the class actually happens, then the $50 fee and 7-day payment window applies.

Forum Dealers can post competition classes n/c.

And of course non-profit or RO Classes can still be posted for free.

Thank you,


Note: If you pay ("Donate") for a Class and you did not teach the class, please enter what class you are paying for in the Customer Message field of the Checkout page.

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