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Death Of A Friend

Chuck D

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I just received word that one of my long time friends has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Wayne was one of the first guys whom R.O.ed me during my pre-teen years as I first became introduced to "combat" shooting. He took it upon himself to follow me from stage to stage and along with my father the two "coached" me in the art of safe gun handling. In my neck of the woods it was very difficult for junior shooters to get involved due to local and state laws. He believed in me and my abilities and helped pave the way for my introduction into practical shooting. This was circa 1982.

We've managed to keep in touch over the years. As most IPSC shooters of his era do, he became heavily involved in the local IDPA scene, even heading up a club or two...usually at the same time. He had boundless energy and a love for the shooting sports like no one I've ever seen. It was last year that he contacted me and asked me to write a monthly article for the local club web page. I was honored to do so...he had such a way with people that everyone he came in contact with felt just a bit more "important" because of the attention he paid to you.

He has passed away in his sleep. I'll miss his e-mails, presence at the range, visdom and vision but I'll miss most the talks we always had about the good ole days at the "pit" ( our nickname for our first gun club) shooting "combat" matches. God I miss those days. :(

Rest easy my friend.

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