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Hate Forum Guidelines

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The Hate forum is for rants only - please, no lengthy discussions or debates.

Hate threads that turn into discussions or debates will be automatically locked without notice.

General or supportive-related comments are not prohibited; however - rebuttals are specifically prohibited.

If you don't agree with someone's rant - keep it to yourself.

Add the word "CLOSED" as the last line in your INITIAL post, if you do not want anyone to reply in your thread. A moderator will then lock your thread. (You can also PM a moderator, if you'd like your post locked immediately.)

• Hate rants involving shooters, firearms, or shooting related manufacturers, such as but not limited to - IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, Colt, Brownell's, Dillon, or Match Staff - are NOT PERMITTED. Brian's Forums is also not the place to resolve customer service issues or disputes you may have with a manufacturer, dealer, gunsmith, or individual.

• If your hate rant has to do with shooting then it needs to be directed towards yourself.

• In general - The Hate Forum is not for venting about anything to do with anyone or thing that hits close to home here. Please keep that in mind when posting in the Hate Forum.

I'm sorry for these restrictions, which may restrict a few reasonable hate rants. Overall, the moderating staff does not feel it's appropriate for the forum's content or well being in general.

NOTE: At a Moderator's discretion, Hate rants may be locked at any time after the initial post.



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Another thing.

Use some common sense. Realize that we have a large and varied membership here.

Don't go stereotyping people.

We have members here that work at most of the big established places (like the Post Office or Walmart, etc.). We have people here in a variety of professions (like LEO's, doctors and lawyers, etc).

Don't bash a group. Chances are, it will make you look like the ass.

(I only mention the above examples as they come to mind from past PM's that I have received over the years.)

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