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Beyond Trust


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Brian, trust is something that I feel, as opposed to something that I arrive at through a process of mental reasoning.

The human mind is really over-rated. We give it credit for all sorts of things. And I'll admit that it's pretty good at some things, like finding new and ever more inventive ways of killing each other. (Man, now that's clever!) :rolleyes:

We even have tests to measure mental capacity. A person can have a friggin genius IQ and still not discover the ebb and flow of life.

Our society has conditioned most people to believe that "knowing" comes from thinking. (Actually,arrogance comes from thinking. :roflol: )

TRUST comes from KNOWING. KNOWING comes from BEING.

The test to measure spiritual capacity (BEingness)is underway presently. :unsure:

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On 4/14/2020 at 5:31 PM, benos said:

Funny timing... I have a blog post coming up on trusting awareness, at some point.


Your recent post on "springs" touched here.  

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