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What's the right way to say it? "Tanfoglio"


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I believe it is Tan-foe-glee-oh. Don't know where or if there is an accentuation of any of the syllables.

I heard a funny story of Henning (whom I've never met incidentally) tightening a screw on Henry Toribios race holster at a match sometime in the past. When Henry went to the line at LAMR, he couldn't get his pistol out of his rig to the delight of the peanut gallery. :lol:

That was relayed to me by the victim himself! Funny stuff Mr. Henning! I like your style. :)

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I guess we have to wait for the "italian gang" on this forum to chime in, but I suspect it might not be that easy to get it right...

... italians teaching americans how to pronounce an italian name...

.... this is going to be interesting .... or, perhaps "Mr Henning" is fluent enough in italian to teach us?

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In 1998 when I got my first Witness, I read it wrong and so I've always called it the "Mighty TANG-FOE!!!!"  Always emphatically and while holding it up like Excaliber freshly pulled out of the stone. :)

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