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yeah, so this is what I carry...


and yes... it really DOES glow blue when there are Orcs around...


seriously, i just have a spyderco :blush:

Ok THAT is AWESOME!!!! :surprise:

I am having a custom leather case tooled for the new custom cues I have on order. I was going with a celtic knot design, but NOW...

....It's getting a FREAKIN' SWORD!!!! :goof:

As for what I carry, I have a lefty CQC-7, but I won't pretend to know what the hell I am doing with it. But when I couldn't get a gun in, I figured it was better than nothing :rolleyes:

Fun aside, coming out one time, host nation security searched my bag after I boarded. They found the knife, for some reason delt compelled to open it, and could not figure out the liner lock. So naturally they just threw it back in my bah to make julian strips of my clothing. :roflol: Nice, huh?

Hey! Where's PaulW? He has more sexy knives (on him) at any given time than any three frickin ninjas. :ph34r:

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Has anyone heard of Anso out of Denmark?

I saw some pictures of the knives he's built and they are pretty cool.

here's his website. the stuff looks like good quality.


if you think his stuff is good, look here:




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Lynn, how do you like the Emerson knives? I like the little the hook they have on the CQC for fast deployment.

hi thomas,

i carry a emerson commander every day. the wave is the rave! :) i put the emerson in my left rear pocket and deploy left handed, this gives me time to get my S&W out of my front pocket.

this is my colleciton of non carry emersons.


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The Benchmade folder is about 10 years old now. I carry it the most and can't seem to wear the dam thing out.

The fixed blade Benchmade is very thin and light. The clip on the sheath adjust for different carry positions.

The fixed blade CRKT has some weight to it and a nice, thick blade. The sheath also adjust for multiple carry positions.

I really like my KA-BAR. IMO I thinks it probably the best of any for self defense. It to has an adjustable sheath.




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