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Metal resetting targets


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Does anyone have any experience with any auto-resetting metal targets for practice like the ones below? Looking for something light, durable, portable, and ideally not too expensive.


I have the .22 version and works ok. I think you might be better off with just a steel plate like the steel challenge. I like Drazy's 1/2 or 1/3 scale ipsc silhouette target, they are very reasonable.

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Those are cheap junk that will get torn up pretty quick with jacketed pistol ammo. Since they want $96 for the 9mm-3006 version, you could get a real 500 Brinell auto-reset mini popper from LETargets for the same price that you can shoot pistol, rifle or shotgun on.

Auto Reset Pepper Popper (M520)



+1 Cheep is not a bargain =the cheep ones send lead flying in to other bays too. :blink:

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I had a similar setup once, they really are junk. Mine was made for use with any pistol caliber and it still came to pieces in short order. I would spend the $$$ on targets more geared towards competitive shooters, I use several from GT targets.

Here are a few likely sources:

MGM targets

GT Targets

Action Targets

Gun Steel


Thats a handful of whats out there...

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I have a few auto reset poppers from LE Targets. I have an old style one and two new style ones.

They are all good, but the new style is better. It rotates smoother, doesn't come painted (at least the target itself), and the bolts are improved.

It will take them probably a month to ship it to you, but the end product is solid. I've hit the older one with alot (which is the 250 brinell, my new ones are the 500 mentioned above), and the thing doesn't really have a dent on it. (only normal handgun loads though, nothing from my 270 :P)

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Please consider buying from the vendors who support this forum. You can find them in the classified section.

I suck at the search function! Searched for steel targets and targets in the classifieds and couldn't find any of the vender's you spoke of Ron.

I am thinking of getting some steel and like you suggest Ron I would like to buy it from those that support us.

If you could get FTE's in the search function I would sure zero some stages!


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