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H - we need the limited grips!

UW Mitch

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I never had any problems per say with the factory wood grips, except they occasionally come loose. This weekend was my first time taking the Limited out fir a USPSA match, so I didn't want problems with the grips loosening up. I tightened them down snug to make sure.

But then during the match my mags weren't dropping free! Oops. Didn't occur to me that it was the grips until I got home. Sad that I still don't have Henning grips for the limited, I took some plexiglass and a steel standoff, and made my own Ghetto Grips. They're not terrible - well maybe they are. Good for a few laughs anyway.

Henning I hope you see this abomination I've made, and get back to the machine shop for those short grips (if you haven't already).


p.s. The EAA ran great when I used the right ammo. Accidentally brought a box on ammo loaded before I got the U-die, and those rounds had nosedive problems. But when I used U-die'ed loaded ammo, I was loading 20 in the mags, and running great. You can see the first three stages on the vid had the "Wrong" ammo, but the last three stages were fine. Shooting a solid D :D

(thanks to my buddy Aristotle)




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54 thread views and not a single comment? Oh c'mon I know someone out there has something witty to say about these fugly things. This afternoon when I went for a jog I ran past the tennis courts and though - yeah, I should wrap my grips with tennis racket grip tape! :D

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Take the grip tape off then scrounge around for a clear CENDEX holsters and mag pouches. They used to make the normal Kydex rigs out of clear kydex I dont think they are in business any more but I know some were made for the witness.

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The machine shop had another project that's been holding up my grips. For the short grips we've made a new program, new vise-grips for contouring etc. Talked to my machinist today and it looks as I'll head up there tomorrow for inspection and potentially running the machine this weekend. A large part of this is not in my hands. I push the shop hard to get my projects done and I'm one impatient MF.. Plus everything has to be perfect.

We have the wood inlay grips machined, black anodized and just need to machine the wood for them. I bought a beautiful piece of wood; bolivian dark wood that will look sharp with the black grips. We're thinking of checkering the wood, coat it and insert them into the aluminum grips. Will be a sharp, decorative grip for full-size models like the Match, Stock and Steel. Can be fitted to Limited Pro and Hunter as well.

Also, I'm having my own stainless screws made for the grips. These will be made out of 420 stainless, hardened to RC 50 and will be a small button-head in hex (allen). Will look really sharp and as soon as I have them will replace the factory aluminum screws. Everything to make the Tanfoglio look sharper...

The word on the small frame Firing Pin is end of March and Slide Pin is beginning of May. Both will be first class products.


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I know it's not really up to you. Working with vendors always means that someone else is the in the chain to slow things up. But I know they'll be worth the wait.

My man LarryD is making something really chilly right now :D I'll send you one when they're ready.


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