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EZWin converted to Major Match type


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Just wondering if anyone has attempted this...

The European Championship and the Australasia had all the results displayed online in a searchable database format. You could look at a certain shooter across all stages, different teams, classes, divisions and so on.

Our club displays the normal text files on a weekly basis. I was thinking about converting EZwin output into an SQL database that you could then run queries on. A shooter can see how many Charlies, Alphas they got per stage in a more detailed format. All info would be saved in a database, so a shooter could look back and see their progress.

Before I dive into it, do you think its worthwhile? Has anyone done it? Is the code available?



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I have done it for our club.

I take the standard webfile.txt and created the searchable scoring system.

My system is SQL based engine written in VB for asp.net

Works like a charm until EZwin takes the next version, then I need to re-write my program based on the webfile.txt changes.

We had a match yesterday and our stats person just installed 3.03 and there is a few things off. I will have that fixed by the end of today but here is what I did.


Again, I have to fix the program for February and beyond but, all the other years and matches work just fine.

Our stats person will just take the webfile.txt that EzWin generates and uploads it to this page. My program does the rest automatically.

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