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Anyone notice their bolt carrier being dry quicker with Wolf ammo?


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I shot the other day with some Wolf ammo (62gr .233) and I noticed my bolt carrier assembly was dry after about 100 rounds and it was having trouble chambering the round. I have to admit I had not had the rifle out in 2 years (hard to believe it has been that long) and it is possible that the lube had drained off the carrier and maybe the rifles chamber was getting hot and was causing the chambering problem. I thought that since the steel case doesn't seal to the chamber as well as a brass case that maybe there is some blowback which would cause the loss of lube. Anyone have to lube more using Wolf?


Guy Hawkins

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Guy, I normally oil about every 50rounds no matter what ammo I shoot, I shot the Tx Carbine match the other day with nothing but 62gr Wolf, and never had a malfunction, but I did oil midway thru the match, which would have been about 60 or so rounds.

I try to keep the gun gooey, wet, and don't generally have a problem.


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