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I have offered a possibility to be relocated to Phoenix area for a year. If I have not totally understood it wrongly it is THE place to be relating to IPSC / USPSA shooting. Can you please let me know who to contact in order to get involved.

Further on, as being a non US citizen, would it be wise to bring my own guns with me or should I rather purchase a new ones in US? I mean, would it possible to buy guns in Arizona without being a US citizen? My employer, of course, will take care of all mandatory paperwork (what ever it is) what comes to my relocation and necessary permits for a temporary immigration. What else would I need?

I appreciate any information,

Thank You

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Just come out to the range.

Paul Caudill and Mickey Darren would be two good contacts for Rio Salado.


Rio is located in the eastern part of the Phoenix metro area. There are also other ranges in different parts of the valley.

In what part of the Phoenix area would you likely reside?

As to the gun questions on a one year work visa - I don't know.

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