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Texas Star Humor


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Just paper no shoots in front...........There could be a whole humor thread on just the Texas Star!!

Hmmm---I usually try to avoid paper no-shoots in front of steel. If a round goes through

the no-shoot and hits a plate it's REF and a re-shoot. You have any problems with that


Little Star story. My wife started shooting in 2003 or so. First match, first time on the star,

5 shots and done. Her comment---"What's the big deal, that's EASY". Next weekend,

star again. 1 big stick and most of a 24 rd mag, still one plate out there spinning around.

At about mach 4. She finally got it. Beginners luck DOES exist.


Homie--since they cut back the max targets from one position to 8, I'm trying to figure out

what to do with Evil Star 2.0!!

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