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Glock 36 Price


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want to elaborate on your question?

Well Nik, since you asked,

If the person is asking is looking for a fun, competitive Glock that chambers .45, than the logical choice would be a G21. If he is more interested in a .45 Glock for CCW, than look no further than the G30. I carried around one of these bad boys for some time and loved it! (I have since been cleansed of the brainwashing that I aquired from hanging around GT a year before I was introduced to these true forums that we share now, and currently carry a G26)

Personally, I really do not like the G36 when compared to Glock's other two .45 offerings. I even owned a G37 and 38 some time ago and prefered the GAP guns over the 36. I know that you have one that you dig alot Nik, and that's totally groovy.

All that being said, if I had $325 laying about, I'd snatch one up for the hell of it ;)

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My thinking is this: I have rarely met a gun, any gun, I didn't like so if it's a good deal, which apparently it is, why not buy it? So, I think I will,. Thanks all for input.

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