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"THE" bigbrowndog is 10yo today

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10_yr_old.BMPToday my Dog, and favorite traveling companion is 10 years old. He has made a lot of friends over the years, and several are the who's who of the shooting world. It is really funny watching TGO, Benny Hill, D. Sevigny, P Strader, J Goloski, J Miculek, Angus, The AMU team, and many more play tag or wrestle with him.

Most of the time he is by my side at matches, some times he's in the vehicle catching a nap. Its gotten to the point that whenever people see me the first words out of their mouths is generally........."where's scout", followed by a brief pause and "OH, Hi Trapr.

Over the years he's been to, several USPSA pistol nationals, ridden in a few golf carts, seen it snow in Mesa, ridden in elevators in hotels, made the drive to California for the the Steel Challenge and to Florida for the Open, the Clark's range, The first Tulsa match, Rocky Mtn. 3 gun, a few Texas Limited's, and Area 4's and Area 2 matches, he's been to at least 5 STI/American Handgunner's (his favorite match because he gets to eat steak with the other shooters), and more that I"m sure I'm forgetting.

I expected him to make it to 10, and have always said I was going to look at every year after that as a gift.

He's been the best lesson I've ever been taught.

Happy 10th Birthday..........Scout.

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That pic is from him watching me run around the house with a shotgun practicing reloads. the first couple of times he was chasing me, then he realized I wasn't shooting anything so he jumped up on the couch to watch the crazy man pointing the gun at stuff on the walls.


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Happy B-Day Scout! :cheers:

Trapr, is that a Rhodesian? If so I must say that one I had years ago, best dog ever! My girfriend named him Arbuckle! :angry2: (Ex-Girlfriend! Can you guess why?) Anyway, great lookin lad, I hope his days are many and lazy!


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