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USP Varient 1/Decocker question


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For those more rule knowledgeable. I've been shooting IDPA for about 1.5 years in CDP but went to my club's shoot on Sunday with my USP to do something different. It is a varient 1 (DA/SA with saftey and decocker). I can safe it with the hammer in the cocked position but the SO said I had to decock it if it has a decocker. Is this true? If so I may change it to a varient 9 which has the saftey but no decocker.

I did send this question into IDPA HQ for official word but wondering what those here thought.

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I don't know the rules of IDPA well..but I know the USP and its variants. For a division starting holstered in Single action, you want a variant # 9 plate; that is all you need to buy to switch it from Variant 1. V# 9 the lever acts the same as a 1911 safety, and does not decock.

If you are right handed, and want to use it DA first shot, get a right sided lever, and a variant # 3/4 plate. The lever will only decock, and it will be on the right side of the gun. This will allow a good high thumb hold on the left side of the frame, without the risk of decocking it.

the plates are about $12 each,

the right sided lever is probably $35.

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