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Square Deal Issue(s)

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I have the proper clearance on the height of the primer slide, but that rascal just won't come back a 1/16 of an inch to pick up the new primer.

If I pull the slide back that 1/16 of an inch it picks up a new primer. Suggestions?

Next problem:

When I get the slide to pick up the primer the shell plate has not rotated quite enough for the brass get directly under the powder funnel/expander and about one in 10 pieces of brass gets damaged.

What I have done it put the entire rebuild kit in it, adjust the screws on the primer slide for travel.

Called dillon three time got three different answers and not of the three solutions has solved the problems?

Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LM

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As far as the primer slide failing to come back far enough, the problem is a burr at the bottom of the incline inside the shaft. This incline is where the roller on the primer slide rolls. At the bottom of the incline is a white plastic overtravel block, stock#13597. A bit of metal has flowed over the top of this block. This block is spring-loaded, and is what actually pushes the primer slide out the last little bit to pick up a primer. USe a pocket knife blade or deburring tool to scrape away this burr. Then the overtravel block will pop out further, ensuring the primer slide travels far enough to pick up a primer.

As far as the shellplate not lining up, look for a set screw on the right side of the square shaft, towards the back. This screw stops the index lever from overtravelling. Back this screw out at bit, to allow the index lever to rotate the shellplate a bit further. :ph34r:

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