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Setting up a steel challenge match


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I just picket up two pieces of AR500 steel 4x8' 3/8".

We'll be getting them cut up here soon.

A few questions.

I was considering running 5 or so stages per match, we normally get about 30 shooters for our USPSA matches.

How long will a match take with this number of shooters?

How many plates will i need? 1 piece of of the AR steel will give me 4 18x24", about 10 12 " plates and about 11 10" plates. Would this suffice for most shoots, or would i need more variation, i.e. more 18x24's. I don't want to run the same stages every month.

How high are the plates supposed to be? 5'??? Which mounting is best, re-rod, or some kind of modified stand? Are the plates supposed to fall when hit?

I've researched quite a bit, but need a little advice from other clubs who have run this to help me get this going.


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Cheapest way to go would be 3 squads of 10. Shoot the first 3 stages, flip them and everyone shoots the next 3. Then you only need 3 stages worth of steel. If you have the stages laid out before hand, it's less than 5 minutes to flip.

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I have a target list some place I can look for latter. If you just look at the stages you can get a count of what you need.

but 7 10" plates will do fine you need 12 - 12" more than the 10"s

six + of the 18x24 are nice

Two for =show two for Outer limits = two for Accel. one for speed option four for S&H = six 18x24 lets you do two of any of those stages

/But REmember...I don't know nothing


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For our first match a couple of years back, we did just what Matt suggested. We did 3 stages then set up 3 more. We had dots on the ground and it took very little time.

Oddly enough, I just cut out some additional plates on the plasma table today. I cut enough pieces to be able to set up all of the stages at the same time. I have a list in my pocket. To do it all you need:

11 pieces 18X24

9 pieces 10" diameter

17 pieces 12" diameter

You can get by with a fewer pieces. Remember, five to go takes 4 of the 10 inch circles and smoke and hope takes 4 of the rectangles so plan accordingly.

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