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Lancer L5 mags


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I have beeen testing and using these mags for a few months and they have been great. I literally kicked and threw one up and down the 100 yard range and then picked it up and it ran with no hitches. I jumped up and down on it (220 lbs) and ran like a charm. I am sure when they are released everuone will like them. Nice thing is when you go to get on the line you can see that all your mags are loaded up and ready to go, no more testing to see if it feels like it is loaded up or not.

Will it run after getting run over by a truck? who knows I don't plan on letting some idot run over my mags. BUt they sure are tough as far as I am concerned. Has anyone else got to play with any yet?

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They haven't set a prcie yet, but will know soon.

I know they will be more than the pmags, but you have to remember they already have a rubber basepad that normally costs about 6 or 7 more dollars to add to a mag.

they are tough as hell, and have taken alot of abuse by different tests. yes they even ran one over with a truck.

not that i plan to do that to mine.

I really abused mine and it just kept on running. The best thing is no more testng the mag for weight and guessing if it is full. just a quick glance while in the starting box and you can be sure all your mags are full.

they should be coming out soon, I know they made some really good contacts at the shot show, and were planing on releaseing them soon. I will be at the ure ridge match if you want to check them out, I will even loan a few out to guys to try and test if they promise to send them back to me. :cheers:

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You do realise that a lot of guys take that same green "anti-tilt" follower out of USGI mags and replace it with a true anti tilt follower, because it does tilt. So, if the L5 has a similar follower i wouldn't brag too much about it.

Is the floorplate removeable so that we can change the follower out?

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Probably the same reason MagPul hasn't. <_<

Put another way: we competition shooters are too tiny of a market.

-lots of people in the US own ARs.

-compared to the average 3gunner, most AR owners can't shoot worth a darn. But, they don't know that and they probably don't care.

-those AR owners will spend $$ for mags - a LOT more $$ than we spend on equipment.

Result? Don't hold your breath for any new mags over 30 rounds. :angry2: Sad fact is, we don't matter as much as we'd like to think we do.

Now, if the US Military adopts anything over 30, well then, THEY obviously know it all. THEN things might change.

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