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Another Burn Rate Chart

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OK I am going to get some poo back about this. BUT!

Titegroup is pretty much the same Burn Rate as old WSL and is a bunch slower than WST. I have load data in seven different calibres.

Longshot is listed twice, as stated Lil Gun is missing. On three Burn Rate sheets (Hodgdon, ADI and Vihtavouri) Intl Clays is shown grossly faster than Red Dot. I have loaded both in 12G and find Intl Clays to be definitively quicker, not by much but the evidence is there.

For god's sake don't publish this kind of crap. If it isn't put out by the powder companies then it is as reliable as the words from a politition mouth, and very nearly as dangerous. If it is put out by the powder companies then it is likely to be better reference material than the Womans Weekly. I can't tell you the amount of dumbass questions I get at work concerning burn rates, even when guys read the published manuals, they expect me to come up with a better answer than the guy at Hodgdons (et al) who gets paid three times what I do and spent 3 years at University studying chemical reactions. Me who spent one summer pulling fireworks apart for the powder inside and blowing mail boxes up is somehow deemed better qualified. WTF :surprise:

I need some whisky after this one, my fekking head hurts.

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