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I got bumped off the top-20 Masters in Revolver list last year. :(

Membership information A44001

Name: KYLE F

Joined: 10/11/00

Membership Expires: 5/31/08

Membership Info Updated: 7/18/07

RO Certification: CRO

RO Certification date: 9/05/02

RO Certification expires: 5/31/08

The lookup performed: 2/14/08


OPEN Class: M Pct: 69.60 High Pct: 69.60

LIMITED Class: GM Pct: 96.77 High Pct: 96.77

LIMITED10 Class: M Pct: 87.29 High Pct: 87.29

PRODUCTION Class: GM Pct: 96.60 High Pct: 96.60

REVOLVER Class: M Pct: 54.06 High Pct: 54.06

SINGLESTACK Class: U Pct: 0.00 High Pct: 0.00


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Now I am officially the lowest A in 4 divisions :D

FIVE. Unless somehow you consider being 59% a respectable A Class Open shooter. Use Sunuva's open Glock, not your iron-sighted blue-balled Prod. Glock with a big stick & a magwell shooting minor! :huh:

Edited by CHRIS KEEN
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No blue on Lefty's heater...I promised him that I wouldn't.

Alamo, you should give up emoticons for lent ;)

Lent ? Pegans don't do Lent = but if it will make you happy I will give them up for as long as I can stand it.

I figured the class thing out with XRe 's help = Im kinda slow some times.

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That's a blue steel revolver in my avatar. That's the only shade of blue that will be accepted by your fellow revolver shooters. Understood? :rolleyes:

I'm quite sure that the blue in your avatar is the only blue accepted by any shooter in any division.

Never really been one for conformity ;)

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Oh God what has the world come to, a GLOCK shooter trying to learn how to count by 6's . :goof: Nice to see you giving the wheelgun class a try ,(Fry voice on) Now don't be afraid Bender that STEEL gun won't hurt you.(Fry voice off) Next you'll want to shoot a 1911. :D


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Finally you started shooting a real gun. :lol:

Really wasn't it more fun that a bottom feeder.

Congrats either way.

"Bottom Feeder" LMAO!

It really was quite fun! :)

Can we now presume that since you have been exposed to the "essence of pure shooting" that we will see you at the nationals with a revolver? B)

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