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Moly Coatee Lead in 1911?


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I know that original 45acp ammo was lead but is there any drawbacks to using Moly Coated lead bullets in a Rock Island 1911 for IDPA ?? Commercial ammo is just too expensive and I load for Cowboy shooting and don't see any reason not to reload for IDPA also.


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You can't go wrong with moly. All of us poor boys use em.... :cheers:

Precision Black bullets are my fave but there are several good manufactures....

I used the Precisions for over a year in my 1911 (CDP gun) with Nowlin match barrel. Had to give them up because the buildup (which is very hard to see at first) was so hard to remove. I have a friend that is using them now and he is getting the buildup- which is common by the way. He tells me that putting the barrel in a 50/50 mix of peroxide & vinegar for 10 minutes? makes it come out with one swipe of a patch. If this is so I may try them again. They are the fastest bullets I've used yet and I had no problem making PF with them. They were accurate as anything else.

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