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effect of barrel porting on 9mm long Glock barrel?

boo radley

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Has anyone ever shot a 6" Glock barrel in 9mm that was ported? I'm wondering how noticeable the effect is, and how flat it might shoot. Is it even noticeable with minor 9?


I think I have four 9mm ported barrels right now: Browning HP, Beretta 92, SIG 226, and one I must have forgotten. They are all in guns with about 5" stock barrels, so the ported ones are about an inch longer.

I have never seen any effect at all from porting a 9mm except noise and powder filth shooting up. I have yet to be convinced that porting alone actually does anything other than psychological. (YMMV) I know how compensators work to reduce recoil, and it is not mainly due to the upward venting of gas (it is the forward direction force when the gas hits the inside flat wall of the compensator).

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I have a G-34 that I use a glock barrel that has been magna-ported, it does work and makes a difference.

With Atanta Arms 115 at 132pf or the Georgia Arms 115 at 130-132pf works ok.

I shoot USPSA Open/minor and Steel Match with it, I prefer my load of 115gn at 136PF, is flat and very accurate.

People that do not think it made a difference , :surprise: I drop in a regular barrel and let them shoot it, and then my ported barrel, it shoots nice and flat, true it is not as good as a comp, and I am not shooting major, it does what I like.

SJC built the this set up for me , with a 1lb 10oz trigger, I am spoiled. :rolleyes:


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