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Nordic Super nova mag extension


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I ordered a Nordic Components +6 mag extension for my Supernova.The barrel is 24" so I decided I could use a +7 on occasion and also ordered a +7 tube on its own.

I fitted the +6,no problems.The +7 however does not fit the nut.It is actually a smaller external diameter and just slides into the nut without engaging the screw thread at all.The internal tube diameters seem the same.

I have another +6 Nordic tube which I also tried and this also is a smaller external diameter,so it would seem to be the recently purchased +6 which is different. I remember TRUBL posting that earlier versions had a smaller thread size and wondered if I had got two of the old stock, although the two smaller tubes are the ones that fit the modified Supernova Nut that was supplied by Nordic to stop the nut hitting the barrel bracket,so these should be the later version.

Any thoughts.Maybe if TRUBL could post and let me know.

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I think you need to get a hold of me, so I can get you fixed up proper. We'll take care of you. Send me an IM

Spoke to Tim at Nordic today.What a gent,he is sorting out replacement tubes for me.We need more people who support their product 100% like this in the sport.

Big thanks.

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Hi Tim

Have left you a few emails over the last couple of weeks re the replacement tubes.Have had no reply ,have you changed your email address.Anyway can you contact me via pm so we can sort out these replacement tubes??

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