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Trimming .223?


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I size then trim to 1.746

2.236 COL...no real crimp...just kissing the case mouth

This has given me the most consistant results in both my 18" barrels.

Common to get .5 MOA with 55gr FMJBT

I seem to have missplaced my data on powders <_< but was last using 25.* gr of TAC


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The max case length is listed as 1.760" so your chamber is probably at least that long. There are inserts you can buy to check what your chamber is using a trimmed way back piece of brass. I like to use longer brass trimmed to about 1.755". The problem is finding good brass this long in large quantites.

The main concern is to have all your brass the same length no matter how long that may be. If you want to experiment make some batches of different trim lengths but the same load and seating depth and see how they shoot. If there is no difference, trim so that all your brass will clean up.


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