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Best solution for cold weather shooting?


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I agree with everyone about the Underarmor style clothing, very good stuff. My cold weather routine is an underarmor shirt with a T shirt over it, fleece lined jeans and a pair of mid rise columbia boots for my core. My hearing protection also keeps my ears warm and one of those tube like muff things with a couple of hand warmers in it. Mittens or gloves for when im not shooting to help reset a stage and a Carhardt winter coat. Strip off the coat and gloves when you are on deck and drop the muff at LAMR and your good to go. I personally like cold much more than heat but if it is too uncomfortable just stay home. The world wont stop if you skip out on a match because it sucks outside. P.S. turtle necks are also very good.

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Best thing to do would be #4!! :cheers:


For me, anything below 72 degrees is cold :o

I've tried the hand warmers inside gloves deal but always have to take the gloves off to patch targets so my hands never really stay warm. I also put the hand warmer packs in my front pockets :D so I can stick my hands in there to also try and keep warm. By the way, you lose a lot of body heat from the groin area too ;) .

I gotta try the neck scarf thing on my next cold outing. Sounds like this would help.


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I read all the threads relating to cold-weather gloves and the responses seemed to fall into a few categories.

1) Wear heavy gloves, take them off to shoot.

2) Wear medium gloves, accept some loss of dexterity.

3) wear light gloves, accept having cold fingers.

4) Move some place that doesn't get so cold.

At the SHOT show I saw some electric gloves. very cool, but not ideal for shooting. All the gloves had equal insulation on all the fingers and equal padding surroundin the fingers.

Why not make a pair of electric gloves that had less insulation on the pads of the index finger and thumb. and made up for it with heating elements behind the finger. The gloves would have wires that ran up your sleeves to a LiON power source and would be controlable by an electronic rheostat. Basically you'd have great dexterity and warm fingers.

Assuming they were priced in the same range as regular electrified gloves, would anyone be interested?


Nuf Said

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