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Wife makes sure my turning 50 ain't so bad (pics added)


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So I entered “geezerdom” a few days ago.

I decided to celebrate by attending the big gun show at Reliant stadium followed by lunch with some of my local shooting buddies.

Unknown to me, Mrs. KYreb had some surprises in store…..

She asked us to stop by the house after the show so she could have lunch with us. When we got there she had organized a surprise party and the whole gang was in on it. She also gave me a nice gift certificate to a local gun shop.

But it gets better……….

One of my pals is an FFL who just had to bring in some pieces he had picked up from his distributor at the show. One gun in particular was a Wilson CQB. It was passed around the room and fondled by all. My wife grabbed it last. She turned to me and said “Happy Birthday” with a big grin.

Wow…I was floored. :surprise:

Turns out, she had snuck my Wilson catalog out of the house a few months ago and took it to work. She schemed with my FFL friend who ordered exactly what she picked out. It is a 5 inch gun with a light rail and the blue gray armor coat frame. Really nice looking gun…. can’t wait to get in a range day with it.

Anyway, wanted to share the story. Mrs. KYreb has been with me over 27 years now. She is a keeper for sure.

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Oh, and welcome to the "Old Geezer Club."

Correction. As of Jan 1 2008 "geezer" no longer starts at 50. Under the current rules

you have to be 55 to achieve "geezer" status. "OLD GEEZER"??? I don't even want to

think about it.

Bill---A geezer from 1/1/2002 until 8/27/2016----unless they change the rules again!

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What can I say!!! CONGRATS IN A BIG WAY. Do you have any pics? I wish my wife would do that too instead of asking me a ? " Are you done buying all your competition guns this year and or are there some more coming? Finally, I said I'm done with it and that's it!!!!-----------------ah! for this year. Just kidding.

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