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Dry Training Clarification


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Admittedly, I'm new to competitive shooting. One of the things that I learned yesterday whule talking with a USPA GM was the benefit of dry training. For years I had heard about dry firing - but never the thought of dry training.

If I understand it correctly, dry training does not require "dropping the hammer" or engaging the firing pin - it's more so speed to target aquisition, trigger squeeze and reload.


The last thing that they said was - "If you're going to spend money at the range, work on something that you can't work on with dry fire - strong hand only, week hand only, shots at 25 or more hards.




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Welcome to be.

As a fairly new shooter too - another thing I was told was to get a timer. I just got mine and feel its helping already.

This site is a great resource so "search" a lot.


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Welcome to the Forum and enjoy. Try and get Brian's book, it really helps quite a bit. The advice you get it worth a lot and most guys are only too eger to help a new shooter, especially if he shows that he is serious about shooting. Personally, I try and dry-fire a lot( I cannot get to the range because of work commitments) and I shoot every competition I have the opportunity to shoot.

In the beginning you will find that your brain goes all mushy at the sound of the beep. The only cure for this brain death, that I know of, is to shoot a lot of matches. After the first hundred or so your brain might start working from time to time before the unload and show clear command. I used to change into a blathering idiot at the sound of the beep but fortunately that has changed to a normal idiot after about 150 matches. I still insist on putting holes in every target even if it takes 32 seconds to fire 4 shots weak hand unsupported.(The gun kept on jamming because I hold it too high.)

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He is right to a point. That is his view on it and it isn't right or wrong. It is just what works for him at his level.

I use the dry training when I am doing target to target drills or movement drills in dry fire. If I am doing draws or a reload from the beep I drop the hammer to ensure that I am not seeing the sights move at all which would indicate that I am just yanking or slapping the trigger.

As for at the range. I am not one to always make practices hard. I will shoot distance but will focus on fundamental drills from 5-20 yards because that is what we mostly see. We rarely see stronghand past 15 yards and rarely see weekhand past 10. I will occasionally shoot both at 25 yds but do not do that often.

My opinion is that all practices, either dryfire or live, should have a purpose. Pick what you want or need to work on and focus on that. I try not to practice everthing all at once.

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