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New barrel bushing and plug...

jostein jensen

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The plug shouldn't need fitted but I would strongly recommend a bushing be fitted by someone that is competent to do the work. Not picking on you JJ or anyone else, but it isn't a slam dunk to get one in right. Your best bet will be to order a custom made Angle Bore bushing from EGW, call them and ask what measurements they need, get them and have them make the bushing. It will still need minor fitting but they will be MUCH easier than a normal oversized bushing.

Bushing breakage is almost always caused by coil bind in the recoil spring, meaning the recoil spring goes solid in compression before the dustcover on the slide hits the guide rod head and stops the rearward motion of the slide. In this condition the bushing is what is stopping the rearward motion of the slide. ALWAYS check for coil bind before shooting the gun with a new spring or any spring you aren't POSITIVE has been checked in that particular gun with that particular guide rod and plug.

EDIT: EGW is in Pennsylvania, US Eastern time zone.

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