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I got my new Ice magwell this last week in the mail and I tried to install it last night and it is giving me problems.

Installing the brass plug is a nice tight fit which is good. The problem comes up when I try to fit the magwell to the base of the grip. I know it has to slip on the front end first and then push it on down to the back side where the brass plug is and then tighten the screw. That is when I am having problems. After tightening it up the front of the magwell can move up and down a little still. If it is down just a little I am unable to install the mag and hear the click unless I slam it in hard...too hard. If I push the magwell back up the mag seats itself without any problem.

So my question is should I also try to glue the magwell up there with some type of epoxy? Try a different brand perhaps?

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I make sure the brass plug is fully seated by giving it a few whacks with a rubber hammer. Then I dab some 5min epoxy around the front and sides of the slot in the aluminum. I mount and slowly tighten the smaller screw about 70% tight. then I use one of those quick grip adjustable clamps for woodworking to keep a little pressure on the magwell. just a little pressure upward will do to keep it seated while the epoxy dries. snug up the screw the rest of the way and youre good to go.

a quick whack when you remove it will separate the magwell and frame, when you want to remove it eventually.

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I had this same problem.

This is what I did.

-put the brass plug in the hole

-start the screw that goes in the back strap, do not tighten yet

-push the plug in as far as I could. I even got it a little past the bottom of the hole. The screw now appeared to be at a little angle.

-firmly tighten screw

-now put on magwell

The screw that goes through the back strap is touching the top of the magwell.

This is how I got mine to stay tight. YMMV I did not use any epoxy and after 5 matches it is still tight.

Since you bought this new I will assume that you have the new and improved magwell insert. It should have a slight groove in the magwell opening area.

Good luck.

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