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EZWS: Flat text file output change?


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When Gary (Stevens) sends me the text files for monthly results to post to the web page, I'm now getting a weird format with line breaks. He said that someone helped him setup his new laptop at the BOD meeting but I cannot imagine what caused this change. (no its not word wrap! :) ) See example below...it does this for all 30 shooters regardless of whether the file is opened in Notepad or Word. I've even went so far as to try Pico and Vi without any luck! :(

For now, I've made a word macro to backspace and tab everything out like the old files were laid out but its still very annoying. I did not find any release notes about this change.

Can someone enlighten me?

January Open PF
Match Date: 1/13/2008
Combined divisions - These are NOT official results.

Place Name              USPSA  Class Division     PF Lady For Age
Points   Mtch%
  1 Ratliff, Jason     A42975   A   Open        Major N   N
288.1515 100.00%
  2 Booth, Hunter      A43995   A   Open        Major N   N
279.8794  97.13%
  3 Ratliff, Allen     L1779    A   Open        Major N   N
261.1205  90.62%

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That was me, and he's running 3.02 on his laptop now. I created the following by scoring a match as combined, and pressing the "save text" cmdbutton in the "Match Results - Calculate, Display, and Print" form.

South River Jan 2008 USPSA Match
Match Date: 1/6/2008
Combined divisions - These are NOT official results.

Place Name			  USPSA  Class Division	 PF Lady Mil Law For Age		 Points   Stg %
  1 Koon, Jason		A43225   GM  Limited	 Major N   N   N   N			  745.0750 100.00%
  2 Way, Gregory	   A21614   M   Production  Minor N   N   N   N			  690.8493  92.72%
  3 Cochran, Pat	   A9927	M   Open		Major N   N   N   N			  671.1558  90.08%
  4 Nied, Larry		TY22513  M   Limited	 Major N   N   N   N			  669.6428  89.88%
  5 Romero, Robert	 A54465   GM  Production  Minor N   N   N   N			  651.1505  87.39%

That is cut/paste directly from the generated .txt file. No extraneous crlf's.

I've heard of this before. I think you're getting hammered by whatever email client he is using to send to you. I have two suggestions. Try asking Gary to zip up the .txt files into a .zip file and send that to you. (He's running Vista Home Ultimate, so zip is built into the, um, "operating system".) Or, if it's for web posting, ask him to create the .html files for you instead.

Or simplest: ask him to zip up the entire match .db file and send you THAT, and you then can get whatever results you desire out of it.

Thanks! :)

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I use text files because I manipulate (add prize fund rankings) to the combined results and shrink the size to fit in the format then PDF them since that's what we have used for the past several years.

I'll forward him to this posting.

Thanks for the help Bill!

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