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How many rounds


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After posting, I did a rough estimate of that too for last year. Ammo + match fees + gas, not to mention incidentals. Ouch. Nearly half of my first starting salary. But that's a good thing. :cheers:

Please don't bring reality into my passion... I like my cool-aid the way it is.. :devil:

Really honey.. you s a v e money by reloading, which lets you shoot more... You did want to go to South Carolina in April didn't you??? :goof:

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At the beginning of the year I start stacking my empty primer boxes.. at the end of last year I had 15 empty Federal primer boxes (1K each)... and maybe another 2 or 3k of mixed Remington and Winchester boxes. I didn't count anything else like rifle ammo (few hundred) and 22's. I started looking around and found that I had a lot more 38 cal bullets than 40's so this year I'm focusing more on the ICORE disciplne than USPSA so the 627 gets to be the favored gun at least until June. That means I can use up some of th Winchester primers I have since it fires Wins and Feds.. I think the non-firing rate with Win's is like one in 300-400 goes "click". Fed are 100% but since they are a bit hard to find and pricey, I will only use them for majors. I was practicing at least once or twice a week up till the US Nats last year, so I put downrange a lot of rounds... this year I might not shoot as many since the biggest thing for me will probably be the IRC.

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5000 9mm for im Colt 6450 and M&P

1000 45 for Springfield TRP

1224 7.62x25 in CZ-52

300 .357 in 340 PD

700 .38 special in 340pd

1000 9x23 in open class gun

4500 in 5.56

2000 12 gauge in FN SLP

Man that is more than I though Now I will have to figure out how much I spent :o

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Current avg: 15K/yr

Assuming average reloads cost about $150/K, we're looking at $2250/yr in ammo bills, or $187.50/mo before you turn the key to go to the range. If you double that number, that's probably a fair starting estimate of what it takes to participate in USPSA by the time gas, food, match fees get rolled in.

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Man that is more than I though Now I will have to figure out how much I spent :o

Don't do it!!!


To late I already did

$500 for 9mm

$700 for .45

$115 for 7.62x25

$100 for .38

$300 for 357

$200 for 9x23

$1500 for 5.56

$500 for 12 gauge

Total $3915

Its a rough estimate but I am sure its fairly close

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I used to track exactly how many shots I took in practice sessions, in matches, and by caliber/gun.

I'd even track the amount of empty brass I had, by caliber and head stamp.

Now, I'm just tracking whether I've got sufficient components to keep shooting on a regular basis.

I guess the best way to track usage would be a routine inventory of components bought and on hand at any given time. Primers are a good way to follow revolver usage, as they are almost exclusively Federal 100s.

Cost of components had me reduced to 3K - 6K category last year, compared to 6K - 10K the previous year. And I've got enough components on hand to shoot this season at the same level as last year.

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20,000+/- the vast majority was in one 1911. Plus probably 3000 through a .38spl. J-frame as well.

This year I am looking for about 15-18K in practice, 5000 in matches and then another few in other guns I don't shoot as much.

I didn't count .22LR...probably a few thousand a year there too...wow...no wonder my guns all look half worn out!

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According to my records, right about 20-21k last year. This is not counting rifle or shotgun (or pistol practice with a .22)

15k of .40

3K of .45acp

3kish of 9mm

If I added in rifle/shotgun/etc I would be north of 30k rounds down range last year.

It was a good year :D

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Am I the only one with less than 1,000?

I shot 3 local matches last year, 1 qualifier for my dept., 2-3 outings with friends. I put it all at about 1G or less.

I already have 800 shot this year! WOOOHOOO!

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I said 10-20k. It all depends on what you count.

There was 9mm, 38super, .45, .223, .40 .22 and 12 ga. probably some 38 spl and maybe something I forgot.

I don't really want to know and I surely do not want to add up the $$$, but it was a lot of fun!


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