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3 gun (mainly pistol) at Wilmore Ky this sunday

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I see Micah and Chris itching to shoot so I figured I would post this up. We typically have 4 stages of pistol then a stage each of rifle and shotgun or combine the 2 in one stage. Usually around 100-125 rounds pistol, anywhere from 20 rounds rifle to 40, and usually around 10-15 shotgun.

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You can shoot mine if you want.

That goes out to anybody that needs equipment. Just ask I loan out everything! If you need a rifle or shotgun just bring some White box .223 and some wally world federal 12 gauge and you can use my stuff. I would let you shoot my limited gun but one is loaned out and the other well its still in pieces ;-)

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I called some old college friends and family from the area, and I think I can make this match on Sunday. Corey, would you mind pm'ing me time, location, and cost? And am I able to reshoot the pistol portion?

Thanks :)

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http://home.windstream.net/barrywest/ Time and scores

http://www.bgslinc.com/modules.php?name=BGSL_Directions Directions

cost I think is 18$, we typically only shoot once. If the stage we finish on doesn't have any steel we have to put away would could do some practicing on it and tear it down when done if you want.

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No problem....thats what we do here! Just let me know if you need them. I won't get some of my parts until tomorrow so they may not be perfectly the way I want them but they will work for what we are doing.

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Dear BGSL Pistol Division Member:

Great news! Last night the BGSL Board of Directors voted on a motion to re-open the Practical Shooting Pits for range officer supervised events only such as matches and instructional courses. In the interest of safety during these events the following new rule changes will be applied:

1. The North berm of Pit#1 is now a no shoot zone and signs will be posted as such.

2. Suspend all shooting in bay 3 of Pit#1.

3. Rifle use will be restricted to bays 4 and 5 of Pit#1.

4. Shooting will be restricted to targets no further than 12 yards in all bays.

5. Institute a mandatory stage safety review by the range and safety officers group after setup and prior to a match start.

6. Target height will be restricted to 5 feet at the shoulders.

7. All prone shooting will be prohibited.

8. Use of only forward falling Pepperpopper targets.

9. Use 8” or smaller steel plates for rearward falling targets.

10. Use only 45 degree steel that allows for all the lead to settle at the base for Cowboy Action Matches.

11. Require range and safety officers to report all safety occurrences to the match director immediately. The match director will notify Operations immediately and to the Security Committee within 24 hours of the match. This report would detail any safety concerns and any corrective actions taken

In the near future, with advice from the range committee, the BoD, and some independent contractors, we will begin to implement the following changes to our pits:

Raise berm height in NW corner of Bay 3.

Install some sort of bullet catcher/visor/fence at the tops of some bays.

While this is a great start to getting our facility fully functional, we still have a lot of work to do. Now, more than ever, we must be above reproach. We have to once again prove without doubt that we are as I stated last night, "the most controlled environment for shooting at BGSL". Not only do we want our pits open to practice for those with pit passes, but the BoD wants them open as well.

We must now focus on getting the Bullseye Range open for matches before the outdoor season begins. The Board is looking at improving this range along with the Rifle and General Purpose ranges. I highly recommend we get some dedicated bullseye shooters involved with the committee so that we have a working knowledge of the issues, solutions, and implementation schedule.

The USPSA match will take place Sunday, March 2, 2008 as originally planned. There will be a short meeting at 8am in the pits for division leadership, match directors, and other interested range officer staff. We will review the commitments made to the Board, safety concerns, and new procedures. It is vital that everyone involved with the direction of USPSA, IDPA, and SASS be there.

As for the IDPA match planned for March 15, 2008, I have appointed a committee to oversee IDPA in the interim. As it stands, Frank Cook and Micah Sierp have volunteered. We really need for experienced IDPA SOs and shooters to join this committee. If you are interested in IDPA at BGSL, contact me, or one of the Directors, Brandon Ironmonger and Tom Tryon.

The motion passed last night with all votes in the room except one. Greg Delabar, past-President of BGSL voted against the motion.

Last but not least, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to those who have worked diligently the past two weeks to get our matches up and running again. Specifically I would like to thank Brandon Ironmonger, Tom Tryon, Byron Daniel, BGSL President Dr. Bill Blackburn, and all of those who attended the meetings in support of our division whose names are too many to mention. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors for making a "good sense" decision, for their faith and goodwill toward us, and for being conservative stewards of our club.

Please keep safety first and foremost above all else as you have always done. The future of shooting at BGSL and your fellow club members are relying on you.

Happily and Sincerely,

Michael Foley, President

BGSL Pistol Division (open for business)

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