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Magtech Solid Copper HP Pistol Bullets

David Sinko

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I see Midway is offering Magtech Solid Copper HP Pistol Bullets, in .380 ACP thru .500 S&W Magnum. They claim these bullets are "accurate and ensure positive functioning." That leads me to believe it would be a target bullet, but I don't know anybody who shoots matches with a .380 or .500 S&W. So is this a high performance expanding bullet like the Barnes X? Has anybody used them?

Dave Sinko

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Yes they are a hi performance expaning bullet from their website:

Magtech First Defense rounds are designed with a 100% solid copper bullet, unlike traditional hollow points that contain a lead core covered by a copper jacket. Copper jackets could tear away when fired, causing a loss of weight and a corresponding loss of power. However, Magtech First Defense solid copper bullets have no jacket to split or tear away, ensuring every round you fire meets its target with maximum impact and effectiveness. Trust the bullet that delivers deep penetration and devastating expansion... the kind that stops a threat in its tracks.

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