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Remington 1100 project.


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Well after a lot of good replies to my earlier post about pistol grips on 3-gun shotguns I decided to stay with the original furniture for the time being on my 1100. The finish was pretty bad so I stripped it and took a stab at refinishing the wood myself. I did a red with black accent paint job and for a first try at such a paint job it worked out fairly good. Certainly not perfect but I learned a lot and will no doubt do a little better next time.

So here is what I started with, a well used but still in mechanically good shape Remington 1100. It had a 30 inch fixed full choke barrel. The finish, both metal and wood, was ruff but after a good cleaning the gun ran everything from 7/8oz 2.5 dram eq loads to slugs without a hitch.


So here what I have done so far. Striped the furniture and gave it a red with black accent paint job. I basicly painted it red and then filled in the pressed checkering with black. I put a reflective clear coat on the red, thus the sparkling appearance in the flash photos. The other changes include a new 26 inch vent rib barrel with Rem-Chokes and a set of Williams rifle sights that clamp on the rib. I then added a Dave's Metal Work Easy Loader and DMW +6 Magazine extension (Midway had them on sale for $54, and I can shoot open if I like. :ph34r: ) and a simple barrel clamp for stability. A Choate oversize bolt handle finished off the extras added to the project.


No Flash (its a touch dark but you get the idea on the red color with out the sparkles)


Close up on the accents on the Forearm and Grip:



The metal parts probably still need some finish work. The bluing on the receiver is in pretty bad shape, the barrel is brand new bluing and the magazine tube is a flat black finish. Not sure what to do about that? So far I don't have a lot of money in the gun and I am not sure what would look good without sinking a lot of money. Any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Finally I am looking forward to testing it out. Got to make sure I didn't mess up the DMW Easy Loader install. I am looking forward to the rifle sights, especially on long range slugs stages. The fact I won't have to be pumping my old BPS will be nice too. I am going to miss the BPS on the reloads though. The Easy Loader is nice but it's tough to beat being able to load shells two at a time in the BPS due to the lack of a spring loaded lifter gate. Its going to take some practice to be able to load the 1100 as fast as the old BPS.


Thanks for looking. Any comment or suggestion are always appreciated.


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ummm...dude, you're shooting a pink shotgun. :o

Just kidding, if works and you like it, thats all that matters. There are couple guys on shotgunworld.com using Ceramic Duplicolor engine paint on thier guns, and it doesn't look too bad. Could be a good low-cost finish.



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Damn! I always liked cool paint jobs on guns ever since I saw my first red with paint drips ala Eddie Van Halen on a pistol back in '88. Looks great! I just got asked if I wanted to buy an 1100 Wednesday for $350.00. It was so clean and now I just might call him after seeing that . :)

Hope I can find a place in my shop to hide it :devil:

(At least for a year and then when my wife sees it I'll just say,"Aw that old thing? I've had that for over a year")

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