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Specifically, the Armscor 1911A1-FS PS, in 9mm. Not quite as fancy as the Medallion series.

I want one to set up for my wife as a Single Stack minor gun. Got an email back from

Ivan at Armscor in Pahrump NV, they don't import any of the 9mm's. Anybody else in the US

that imports Armscor??


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Here are the 2 dealers listed on the Armscor website



150 N Smart Way

Pahrump, NV 89060

Tel. No. (775) 537-1444

Fax No. (775) 537-1446

E-mail address: armscor@armscor.net


P.O. Box 6625

Harrisburg , PA. 17112

Tel. No. (717) 540-8518

Fax No. (717) 540-8567

E-mail address: sales@kbi-inc.com

You have already talked to Ivan so I guess KBI is your next bet.

Good luck,


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