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Reasons I hate football:

The coaches (pro and college) get paid way too much money.

The stars are way too full of themselves.

The end zone showoffs.

Why do all the players wear so much padding? Rugby players just wear thick shirts and I respect them more for it.

The inevitable person that says, do you mean soccer or American football? Well, soccer actually touches the ball with their feet to play the majority of the game. So, it should get the name football and American football should be renamed.

All the people that expect that because I am a man I should enjoy football.

All football commentators ( I am looking at you terry Bradshaw and John Madden).

The ridiculous fans that claim their team is great even though it is clearly not true (I live in KC and it is as if they don't actually watch the games).

I will be a much happier person when the Super Bowl is over and I don't have to hear about football.

I realize I am swimming against the stream on this one but frankly I am tired of hearing about the game. I feel better now. Thanks guys.

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"All the people that expect that because I am a man I should enjoy football. "

Brother, I feel your pain, You can't even turn around without having it shoved in your face :sick:

SWMBO has decided that we will go pheasant hunting that day, just the two of us and the dog, no 2 year-old. If we bring back supper, great: if not we had a good day out :cheers: .

BTW, I don't even Know about who is playing :rolleyes:

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I like watching college football as they still play for the school and love of the sport.Of the 60-80 kids on a college team, maybe 2 are pro quality and will make it to the show.(and thats what it is in the NFL). I dont care about the coaches in pro or college but I do care about the team. I do know who is in the Superbowl but dont care and wont watch. I will be practicing for the florida open next sunday night and wont even think about it. I feel this way about all pro sports and most college and I live in college basketball heaven.(Raleigh,NC) The only pro sport I will watch is racing, and not oval track but any foorm of road racing, from wherever.

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