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NetGear Router Problem

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Ever since I installed a password on my NetGear Wireless Router, my Apple laptop needs to be restarted to reconnect to the router if I put it into sleep mode.


I want to remove the password from the router, but Netgear want $36 to help me do this.

Does anyone know how to remove the password?

When it was installed, they talked me through it while I configured it on a website.

Thanks for your help,


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Look on the back of the router itself, there should be an address for the router it'll be a string of numbers with periods between them. ie or something. Once you have that number, physically connect the router to your laptop then put that number into your webbrowser. The username should be admin or _admin unless you have changed it, thenn put in your password. Once the page loads you'll see a menu on the left of options, one of them should lead you to the screen where you can modify the password.

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